Florida Safety Council
Florida Safety Council is a division of United Safety Council worldwide
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Membership Benefits

The Florida Safety Council offers excellent member benefits and services. We are committed to establishing workplace safety, through safety training and a variety of other programs and services. Many other businesses have already signed on that are committed to actively engaging safety in the workplace. Our network of programs and services enhance the way your business operates.

 The advantages you gain from becoming a member of the Florida Safety Council are numerous:   Memberships
  •  Save Money
  •  Create A Safe Workplace
  •  Make Your Business More Efficient

Our members represent all types of businesses and industries. The Occupational Safety Division offers a variety of services geared toward many different agencies, including construction, local/state government, manufacturing, hospitality, aerospace, and much more.

Business membership levels are delineated as Small Business (1 – 100 employees), Corporate (101 and over), and Individual (1 person or employee).

Membership Benefits

Workplace safety is very important, safety is an investment, not an expense. With the average cost of a disabling injury being over $35,000, it is important for businesses to be proactive in keeping their employees safe. The list below includes just a few of the advantages of becoming a member of the Florida Safety Council Occupational Safety Division
  •  Training Discounts - Safety Training is our specialty, and through our membership services you will receive discounts on all safety training or educational services we offer.
  •  Digital Video Resources - Our digital resources range from links to vital safety training videos to private groups that allow you to share experiences and solutions with those who understand the challenges of your industry.
  •  On-site Training - Can’t come to us? We can come to you. As a corporate member we can make safety training easy and convenient by having our safety training experts come to your facility.
  •  Monthly Subscriptions - Our members receive free subscriptions, which include our Occupational Safety E-news monthly newsletter, which keeps you up to date on safety news and safety trends.
  •  Consulting Services - With over 55 years of Occupational Safety experience, we bring safety expertise knowledge to the table. With our consulting services you can rest assured that your business and safety program is in good hands.
  •  New & Updated Classes - In response to your changing needs, we are upgrading and exploring new classes, including workplace violence prevention, armed intruder assessments, and firearms safety training, among many more.
 Our network of programs and services can enhance the productivity and profitability levels of your business.
Membership Small Business Membership * Membership * Individual Membership *
Total Annual Investment $199 (1 – 100 employees) $399 (101 and over) $50 (1 person or employee)

Please contact Tara Engel to learn more about our membership programs by calling 407-897-4409 or by email at tengel@floridasafety.org

Total Annual Investment $199 (1 – 100 employees) $399 (101 and over) $50 (1 person or employee)
 Disclaimer: All benefits are valid during your current membership period, benefits expire after each year of membership. Membership must be renewed annually/biannually or tri-annually to reactivate these benefits. Free courses, tickets, and registrations can not be rolled over into a consecutive year of benefits. Membership benefits are reinstated as listed, with the renewal of your membership tier choice.