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Armed Intruder


This course is designed to help businesses familiarize their employees with the realities of an active shooter/armed intruder event. Businesses have the option of preceding the training with a Vulnerability Assessment, where qualified officials walk through and review the facility for potential security breaches and related issues. Otherwise, a business can simply schedule the class only. It can be scheduled in its comprehensive form, which includes “lessons learned” from active shooter events since Columbine, details on how to set up an Emergency Operations Plan for your company, facts about firearms and how to react to an armed threat, identifying potential threats, in-depth analysis of “Run-Hide-Fight” and discussion of emergency medical procedures that will save lives in the event of injuries. A shorter “mini-class” is also available (about two hours in length) and features primarily the Run-Hide-Fight discussion, threat identification as well as emergency medical information. Other components from the longer class can be added in as needed.

Classes are available to businesses and organizations, with special Church sessions available, as well.


To help individuals and businesses understand that they can fight back and even prevent armed assaults by preparing their employees and/or hardening their facility.


Instructor will discuss the company’s/organization’s needs and tailor content accordingly. Instructor is certified through the USCCA’s Countering the Mass Shooter Threat program.

If a vulnerability walk-through is performed in advance of training, findings can be woven into the training presentation.


The class ranges from 2-5 hours depending on the content selected by the business.


If we are holding the class on-site, we need at least 10 participants. Otherwise, we can discuss enrolling employees into an open enrollment session when one is available.


Please contact Tara Dixon Engel at 407-897-4409 or by email at Tengel@floridasafety.org for specific details.