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Every year, hundreds of welders are critically injured, exposed to numerous toxic fumes and gases, and numerous physical hazards. Welding Safety Hazard Awareness is designed to teach applicable OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.251, 1910.252, 1910.253, 1910.254, 1910.255. This class is designed to help your company reduce the number of welders that are injured, exposed to toxic fumes and physical hazards, and reduce overall risk of OSHA imposed citations. This training program is may be tailored to your company specific welding safety hazards.

(4 Hours)




Your welders will learn:

  • OSHA Training Requirements
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Relevant Regulatory Standards
  • Ventilation Requirements For Welding Electric
  • Welding Safety Requirements
  • Fire Safety, Evacuation, Prevention And Protection
  • Oxygen-Fuel Gas
  • Welding Safety Requirements
  • General Hazards Involved With Welding

Course length and materials

  • Course length is four hours and may be taught on company site.
  • Each student will receive a certificate of completion.