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Virtual Firearms Safety and Proper Use

Virtual Teaching gun owners with gun safety violations the safe/appropriate way to handle, store, transport, maintain and, if necessary, use their firearm, based on Florida law and best practices in the gun safety industry.

One to two days before the scheduled class begins, a link will be sent to the email address that was entered at the time of registration.  Our Virtual Classes are held using GoToMeeting.  Please ensure that your electronic device is capable of streaming video, that your camera and microphone is fully functional and that your internet bandwidth is sufficient to handle audio/video conferencing.  

Certificates of completion will be emailed on the next business day following the completion of the class.  




Purpose of Virtual Firearms Safety and Proper Use Program The Firearms Safety & Proper Use course is offered to clients who have been referred by the court system due to a safety infraction with a firearm. The class approaches gun safety from a common-sense adult perspective. It assumes attendees wish to continue owning and using firearms and that completion of this course will allow them to do so. The two hour course covers the following elements: • The four fundamentals of firearms/handgun safety. • “Clearing” a handgun or revolver (making sure they are empty) • Types of guns and their applications (handgun, revolver, rifle, shotgun) • Florida Law regarding ownership, use & transport of firearms • Florida law regarding use of a firearm in a defensive situation (Florida Statutes 776 and 790) • Maintaining proficiency with your firearm • How does my gun work? • Safe handling of a firearm and trigger in all situations • “It’s okay, the safety’s on” (why safeties are not safe…) • The truth about personal defense encounters (how you, your equipment and your aggressor may react) • Proper storage of your firearm • Proper use and storage of ammunition • Proper equipment for carry and transport • Wrap-up The course offers a frank and in-depth discussion of the responsibilities that accompany gun ownership and use, emphasizing safe handling, an informed understanding of how a firearm works, and the fundamentals of Florida laws regulating the use and carry of firearms. The instructor for the course is Tara Dixon Engel, former VP of Training for the National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP), Training Counselor for the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), Firearms Instructor in multiple disciplines for the USCCA and the NRA, AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training)-certified trainer, author of the commercially published “Handgun Guide for Women,” Co-owner of “Survival Training LLC,” and Director of Marketing & Business Development for The Florida Safety Council. The course will be offered quarterly in a virtual format, at a cost of $75 per student.