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Principles of Industrial Hygiene 1.0

This course is a short condensed 3-day foundational course in professional industrial hygiene covering the major topics normally covered in most 5-day courses including the fundamentals of terminology, principles and practices of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling environmental health hazards in the workplace. Opportunity will be given for students to request selected topics to assist their own workplace efforts.

Personnel that should attend this course include Safety Managers, HR Staff, Engineers, QC Managers, Seasoned Practitioners, New Safety & Health Professional, and Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Decision Makers.

(3 Day / 24 Hour)

Topics include:

  • Industrial Hygiene: 
    • What is it and Why Should I Care
  • Background Essentials: 
    • Standards & Regulations
    • Basic Conversions / Calculations of
    • Basic Anatomy & Physiology / Occupational Diseases
  • Hazard Recognition: 
    • Toxic Properties of Industrial Materials
    • Airborne Contaminants
    • Noise, Temperature Extremes & Radiation
    • The “Hazardous Trades”
  • Hazard Controls:
    • Hierarchy of Controls
    • Ventilation, Respirators
  • Risk Management

Course length and materials:

  • This is a 3-day/24-Hr course and may be taught on company site
  • Students receive a certificate of completion