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Mishap Investigation

If anything positive results from an on-the-job mishap or near miss, it is the opportunity to determine the causes (what went wrong) and how to eliminate them. A thorough investigation of all mishaps can identify problem areas within an organization. When these problems are resolved, a safer and healthier work environment will result. As a general rule, all mishaps, no matter how minor, are candidates for thorough investigation. Although a mishap involving only first aid is not investigated to the same degree as an event resulting in death or extensive property damage.

Many mishaps occurring in an organization are considered minor because their consequences are not serious. Such mishaps or incidents are taken for granted and often do not receive the attention they deserve. Management must be aware that serious mishaps arise from the same hazards as minor incidents.

(3 Day / 24 Hour)



Objectives: The objective of this in-depth workshop is to teach mishap investigators effective techniques in determining mishap causes, preventing similar mishaps, documenting facts, providing cost analysis, and promoting safety. On the third day of this workshop, students will conduct a practical example of mishap investigation.


  • Conducting an incident investigation
  • Cause factor systems Inspection checklist, forms and methodology
  • Pre-investigation details Investigating techniques
  • Post-investigation procedures

Course length and materials:

  • This is a 3-day/24-hour course.
  • Each student will receive education material and certificate of completion.