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Electrical Hazard Awareness

The purpose of this 4-hour course is to teach worker safety by instructing participants on how to recognize, eliminate, remove and prevent electrical hazards. Each student will receive educational material and a certificate of completion.

Topics addressed are:

  • Raising awareness of electrical hazards
  • Emphasizing the extreme importance of observing all electrical safety requirements and practices
  • Instruction on what to do during an electrical accident
(4 Hour)


Students are provided with a copy of NIOSH – Electrical Safety student manual, which addresses the following topics: Electricity Dangers Dangers of Electrical Shock Burns Caused by Electricity Recognizing Hazards Evaluating Hazards Controlling Hazards Safe Work Environment Safe Work Practices What your employees will learn: Types of electrical hazards Practical solutions for reducing Arc-Flash Determining safe approach distances hazards Determining hazard risk category Arc Flash hazard analysis Requirements for PPE and electrical protective equipment