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Basic First Aid, CPR and AED

Red Cross

Course Topics Include:

  • What to look for before administering CPR.
  • How to properly administer CPR.
  • How to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).
  • How to provide first aid to an injured person.

First Aid Course Knowledge Objectives - Severe Bleeding • Shock • Burns • Strains • Strokes • Severe Allergic Reaction • Poisoning • Asthma • Heat/Cold Related Injuries • Head, Neck or Back Injury • Severe Chest Pressure, and more.

CPR/AED Course Knowledge Objectives- Sudden Cardiac Arrest • Learn how to perform effective rescue breaths using a CPR mask or shield • Treatment for choking • Learn how to protect the airway of an unresponsive, breathing person • Describe the steps of attaching and correctly operating an AED, and more.




These courses meet OSHA requirements, and are ideal for first time training and 

recertification. An accident free workplace would put an end to many of the costs associated with owning a business no matter the size. Unfortunately, this is not a reality. Providing your employees with CPR and First Aid training enables them to respond medically prior to the arrival of professional help and could lessen the severity of the injury and save the employer a great deal of money in possible workers' compensation claims.