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Traffic Signal Field Technician Level 2

IMSA Traffic Signal Field Technician Level 2


The Traffic Signal Field Level II Certification indicates the holder has a well-rounded background in traffic signal technology from coursework and experience.  The Level II Field certification indicates the technician has additional training on traffic signal control system troubleshooting, on-site repairs, and maintenance methods and equipment.  Areas of training include worksite safety, maintenance of traffic, traffic signal system equipment standards and operation, installation inspection, troubleshooting, equipment repair, replacement and programming, test equipment, signal phasing and timing, detection, system communications, preventive maintenance, and documentation.  The certification holder is prepared to make a substantial contribution in the maintenance and repair of signalized intersections, whether employed by a private firm or a public agency.

Prerequisites: In Florida the Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic (IMOT) Certification, also known as Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) is accepted or, IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification or equivalent as approved by the IMSA Education & Certification Manager.
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level I Certification
Two (2) years experience in the Traffic Signal Field

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With the ever-changing demands of technology today, it is more important than ever that properly trained and skilled technicians are available. IMSA Certifications indicate individuals have met prerequisite qualifications and passed an examination -- from an impartial, nationally-recognized association -- to determine they are qualified to perform specific technical tasks. Certification also bestows a sense of achievement upon the certified individual since it reflects professional advancement in a chosen field, and can also provide an entry into many job assignments that otherwise would be difficult to obtain, since employers recognize certification as an indication of the individual's ability to do specific job tasks without the need for on-the-job training. 

IMSA, working closely with the IMSA Educational Foundation, began certification of individuals involved with various public safety activities in 1982. IMSA has issued over 100,000 certificates in public safety. IMSA is globally recognized as the leader in public safety certifications. (IMSA membership is not a requirement to obtain certification.)

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